Praise for Try Me





Highly Dramatic Reading

"Try Me, should really be called Take No Prisoners..[A] riveting story of how a troubled child became a Chanel-clad sex-bomb socialite quasi-criminal and then a somewhat contrite mother and very promising writer. The story of this world-class drama queen makes for highly dramatic reading."
- Michael Gross, More Intelligent Life

Explosive and compelling

"this is a brilliantly written life story. Who hasn't Farah Damji met on the dark side of London glittery media life and the New York arts and fashion worlds? She doesn't pull her punches and doesn't spare herself. One of my books of the year."
- Madame Arcati, celebrity and media biz blogger
and commentator

"At last an immigrant autobiography without a mission to complain. A fresh and fearless voice"
- Farrukh Dhondy, author of Bombay Duck and Adultery

Casually shocking.
Artfully bizarre.

" The most jaw-dropping memoir I've read since Jeffrey Archer's prison diaries"
- Guy Adams, The Independent


This book is a landmark

"An exhilarating breath of fresh air: an Indian woman who has lived, loved, f**ked and f**ked-up in spectacular fashion and has the guts and talent to write about it with honesty and style. This book is a landmark, throwing down a gauntlet that Arundhati Roy,
Kiran Desai et al would never dare pick up."
- Nirpal Dhariwal, author Tourism